Biodiversity Research Grant Application

This program provides financial support for University of Wyoming undergraduate and graduate students conducting innovative and high-impact research projects that address important topics in biodiversity scholarship. The research proposals that are funded will be directly concerned with biological diversity, but not necessarily restricted to the natural sciences, and are for students' own independent research ideas.


Contact Information:


Faculty Advisor:

Field of Study:

Letters of support from your adviser are not required but strongly recommended. Other letters of support might include a letter from a teacher or outdoor program that you are working with on your Broader Impacts. Letters can be appended (preferred) or emailed directly to Brian Barber at


Proposal Requirements

All proposals must be double-spaced, in font size no smaller than 11 points, with 1” margins, and cannot exceed 4 pages long, references are included in the 4 page limit  (budget or budget justification can be on additional pages). Proposals not satisfying this format will not be considered. Proposal must be submitted in a MS Word document, and include:

  • Summary (200 words or fewer) ,
  • Clearly identified research questions/hypotheses/objectives,
  • Study design and plan for implementing it,
  • Potential outcomes,
  • Broader Impacts (i.e., a plan to extend research findings to the public), We recommend meeting with Brian Barber prior to submission to discuss,
  • In addition to general Broader Impacts we will ask that you give a public presentation of your work at the conclusion of the terms of the grant.
  • We will require that you work with B. I. staff to produce short media pieces (video, audio etc.) for public audiences at the conclusion of the grant period.
  • An itemized and fully justified budget,
  • Summary reports will be required in September and upon completion of the grant period.

Deadline for submission: Submit all application materials by 11:59 PM, February 10th, 2017 using this form. Decisions will be made and notification delivered by April 15, 2017.


Review Process

A committee of UW Faculty and one external reviewer will rank each proposal (Biodiversity Institute faculty or staff do not rank or vote on grants).  We ask that each reviewer write a brief statement about the strengths and weaknesses of each proposal. These are summarized and provided to applicants once the process is complete. Each reviewers ranking and an overall ranking will be provided to the committee when it convenes. The committee as a group discusses the intellectual merit and broader impacts of the top 10-15 proposals and make their final decisions based on available funding for that year.


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