The Biodiversity Institute Awards Five Outstanding Research Proposals and a Total of $160,000

Nov 16, 2015


  • Interactive effects of climate and fragmentation on demography of a tropical forest understory insectivores bird - Corey Tarwater
  • Pathways to the abundance-occupancy relationship in small-mammal communities: testing predictions of the core-satellite and resource-breadth hypotheses - Jacob Goheen & Alex Buerkle
  • Big sagebrush plant biodiversity patterns across geographic space in relation to soil water availability - Kyle Palmquist
  • Factors that influence the diversity of fish assemblages in Rocky Mountain-Great Plains streams: a food web approach - Frank Rahel & Bryan Maitland
  • Rocky Mountain Amphibian Project – Citizens and Scientists working together to monitor amphibians - Wendy Estes-Zumpf & Brenna Marsicek


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