Biodiversity Research at UW

The University of Wyoming conducts a broad range of Biodiversity research by faculty, staff and students across a number of social and natural science departments. Click below to read more about some of the exciting biodiversity research being conducted at the University of Wyoming.

eefd6b5c2e7104c19057a6e3660b1add_f215.jpgGreen Roof Research

The Berry Center, home of the Biodiversity Institute, maintains a living roof filled with 60+ species of native grasses, wildflowers and shrubs.  We call it the "Berry Prairie".  Because of its unusual design which mimics a native prairie (rather than the typical design using less than five species of sedum), the research potential is limitless!  Currently, there are two research projects underway: Kyle Bolenbaugh, MS student in Botany, is studying how well plants survive year to year in this harsh environment; Brenna Marsicek, Project Coordinator for the Biodiversity Institute, is exploring whether there is a difference in soil temperature and therefore plant phenology between the green roof and the surrounding area.

Click here to learn more about the green roof

21751685ca97666fd4a35dcfd436f6ce_f214.jpgResearch Synthesis and Dispersal

The Biodiversity Institute will work closely with land and wildlife managers to determine topics of critical concern for research synthesis and dispersal via white papers and workshops.  This initiative will pull critical information from a variety of recent, cutting-edge and important research papers into one consolidated reference guide on a topic, such as climate change modeling for vegetation changes.  The product of this research will be white paper publications and/or workshops geared toward agencies and non-governmental organizations.

This program is under development.

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