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The Biodiversity Institute seeks to increase our understanding of biological diversity in Wyoming and beyond through a variety of research grants and collaborative projects.

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General Information Program Title: Biodiversity Research and Conservation Grants

The University of Wyoming’s Biodiversity Institute (BI) fosters the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of biological diversity through research, education, and outreach. The success of mission of the BI is dependent on its close collaboration with units and faculty in the University of Wyoming. This first call for faculty proposals aims to catalyze excellence in biodiversity research. We take a broad view of biodiversity research, and include all levels of analysis (genetic, phylogenetic, functional, and ecological) and encompass all taxa. Although the BI’s focus is on Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain region, it aims to have a global reach. Hence our call for proposals does not have a regional constraint. Our first call for proposals will have two major, broad research themes/questions that we believe can help to inform major concerns of both global and regional importance. These themes are:

1) What is the effect of geographical/spatial variation on biological diversity? This theme includes the historical forces that generated geographic variation, the processes that sustain it currently, and the consequences of spatial variation in human impacts across landscapes.


2) How does the distribution and quantity of water (an increasingly scarce resource) affect biodiversity, processes that generate and maintain biodiversity, and what are the consequences of human freshwater use for biodiversity? This theme will link the institute with our expertise in the biological and physical sciences at the University of Wyoming.

Complete RFP can be downloaded here!


NOTE: Budget and Budget Justification: The committee will only consider a complete and well-justified itemized budget. Please thoroughly justify each category of your budget.  For example Senior Personnel Salary/Wages/Benefits, Equipment, Travel, Expendables, Workshops, Student Stipends etc.  Please include the sources and total of matching funds when applicable. There is no required format for the budget. Please include a 15% overhead.

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Biodiversity Research Grants

This program provides financial support for University of Wyoming undergraduate and graduate students conducting innovative and high-impact research projects that address important topics in biodiversity scholarship. The research proposals that are funded will be directly concerned with biological diversity, but not necessarily restricted to the natural sciences, and are for students' own independent research ideas.

The Request for Proposals for 2017 is CLOSED


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